Mark Zuckerburg, owner and founder of Facebook,a social networking website, is in hot water after The New York Times and Observer reported that Cambridge Analytica improperly received information about millions of Facebook accounts mainly from US.Cambridge Analytica is UK based political consulting company that did campaign work for Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerburg is under shear pressure as people have started questioning credibility of Facebook regarding their privacy and he was called by Congress for hearing. Mark faced tough questions by Congress that left him nervous have a read at some of them:

1-Sen.Dianne Feinsteinn asked:

What is Facebook doing to prevent foreign actors to interfere in US elections?

“We demanded that both the app developer and Cambridge Analytica delete and stop using any data that they had.They told us that they did this.They told us that they did this.In retrospect,it was clearly a mistake to believe them.” said Mark and then he was asked

2-Sen. Bill Nelson asked:

Do you think you have an obligation to notify 87 million users?

3-Sen.John Thune asked:

Wired Magazine recently noticed that you have a 14 years history of apologizing for ill advised decisions regarding user privacy..After more than a decade of promises to do better,how is today’s apology different?


Are you willing to change your business model in interest of individual privacy?

This one was a hilarious one!
5-Sen. Orrin Hatch

How do you sustain a business model where users don’t pay for your services? 


Senator John Kennedy even said

“Your user-agreement sucks!”

Indeed a bad day for Mark.


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