This 12-year old boy drowned while saving others after bridge collapse in Neelum Valley


At least 11 students drowned while nine others are missing as they were swept away by gushing waters in Neelum valley following a bridge collapse, some 60 kilometres from Muzaffarabad on Sunday. The last moments were captured as a selfie in which the students were seen standing on the bridge. Around 28 tourists were taking pictures on the bridge, located over the Jagran stream in Kundal Shahi area, when it collapsed.

It is now being said that a 12-year old boy died while saving lives in this very incident. People are sharing his pictures on social media and tweeting about him.

A senior politician belonging to the Awami National Party (ANP) posted a tweet in Urdu language paying tribute to the boy who he said drowned while saving  lives.

The boy’s name is Saim. it is being said that he used to live near Neelum Valley. His picture has also been shared on social media.

Hamid Mir also paid tribute to this young kid who died while saving others.



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