These five fast bowlers in the history of cricket made cricket even greater


Fast bowling has always fascinated people.This charm of cricket was taken to next level by some of the greatest fast bowlers in the history.It seemed that they could control the ball even when it had left their hand.Even greatest of the batsmen would fear them for the pace at which the bowled.Here is a list of such great and immensely talented fast bowlers of all time who made the life of batsmen quite difficult:


Dennis lillee is said be one of the most talented bowlers the game of cricket has ever seen.This former Australian right arm quick was a savage when it came to fast bowling.He took wickets with an average of 23.92 in tests and 20.88 in ODIs.He was quite hindered due to his injury problems.But he never gave up.He finished his career on high by taking a wicket in the last ball of his career.


The name Wasim Akram needs no introduction.This pakistani left arm quick is considered to be the best left arm quick cricket has ever seen.He was one of those few bowlers who could control the ball even when it had left his ball.According to Curtly Ambrose,WestIndian quick:

I have seen Wasim Akram do things with a cricket ball that

 I and other people cannot think of doing”

His fast bowling is still cherished all over the world.He did numerous hatricks in his career and played many match winning innings.He as named Man of the Match of the final of 1992 world cup held in Australia that Pakistan won.It is hardly a chance that cricket would see a talent of his quality again.


Sir Ian Botham,former English right arm pace bowler,is ranked high amongst the top fast bowlers in the history of cricket.He was the fastest bowler to take 100 wickets,a record that seems quite difficult for anyone to surpass.Sir Ian Botham was also included in the list of 100 greates of all time.He made his debut in 1976.After a fascinating career,He retired from cricket in 1992.

  • Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar was born in Rawalpindi,Pakistan.Shoaib Akhtar is also known as Rawalpindi Express.He is the fastest bowler in the history of cricket who crossed the speed 100 mp/h twice in his fascinating career.He was undoubtedly the most fierced bowler in the cricket history.Even the greats like Sachin Tendulkar used to fear his wrath,as he writes this in his book.He took wickets with an average of 25.92 in tests.


Curtly Ambrose,former West Indian rigjt arm fast bowler,was one of the most fiered bowlers of alltime.He was about 2.01 m tall.He played for West Indies in the era when West Indies was the most dominant team of cricket winning the world cup 3 times in that era.He was a giant.His devastating spell of 7 for 1 against Australia is still remembered.


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