Cricket has seen its evaluation since its birth.Till late 90’s and even the early 21st century it was more of a bowler dominant game.But with the introduction of a format which the world knows as T20,it will not be exaggerating if we say that it changed cricket.It not only made cricket more popular but it also helped the batsmen as cricket from being bowler friendly game has been turned into a batter friendly game.As we see nowadays those scores being chased which were considered impossible in the previous era.It is due to the courtesy of destructive batsmen in this modern era of cricket that cricket has become more entertaining for us but less entertaining for the bowlers who face them.Here is a list of the most destructive  batsmen of all time whom even the greatest of the bowlers feared bowling:

  • Sir Vivian Richards

Sir Vivian Richards,former West Indian right-hand batsmen,is considered to be the most destructive batsman of his time.He was part of the West Indian team at the time when they were ruling cricket.He was in the team when his team won the worldcup for three times.Viv Richards was well known for his unorthodox batting style and his charismatic personality.He at his time scored the fastest century in test cricket on 56 balls.This record remain unbeatable for decades but then Pakistan captian Misbah-ul-haq levelled with it and then an year later Kiwi batsmen ,Brendon Mcullum beat this record by making a century on 55 balls.

  • Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the latest Indian batting sensation.He is the current captian of Indian team in all three formats.He has some extraordinary talent in chasing totals.He was the captain of the Indian U-19 team which won the U-19 world cup.If anyone can break the record of the Indian great Sachin Tendulkar its Virat Kohli,many believe this.He,by now,has got 37 centuries and is still gone through half his career.According to the great Sir Vivian Richards:

Kohli’s aggression on the field reminds me of myself”


  • Shahid Afridi

Shahid Khan Afridi also known as lala is rated to be the most destructive Pakistani batsman pf all time.He has hit over 350 sixes through out his career greater than any other batsman in the world.He smacked a 37 ball century against Srilanka.This century remained the fastest century in the history of cricket for quite sometime until Ab de Villiers smacked a 31 ball ton.

  • Chris Gayle

Christopher Henry Gayle, Jamaican left-handed opener,played for West Indies.When he smacked the ball,it covered quite a mile.He has the four highest individual score in ODI (215).This giant made his T20 debut against New Zealand in 2006.The rest after that is history.

  • Ab de Villiers

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers,right-handed South African batsman, is rated to be the no.1 batsman in tests,ODIs and even T20’s several times.He holds the unique record of getting out on duck only once throughout his career.He also smacked a 31 ball ton few hours back breaking the record of Afridi who made a ton in 37 balls.He achieved this milestone against West Indies.


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