Online earning is something everyone talks about these days but very few people can guide newbies of how to start , when to start and where to start. Online work is kinda hectic but can be fruitful to unimaginable extent. There are people who have even earned millions of dollars through it. Do not be shocked it is actually true and we are going to tell you how, just keep reading.

Here is how it can be done in only three simple steps.

1-Make A Website/Blog

Firstly, you need a good domain or a blog.It can be of any niche but when it comes to earning through Google adsense, you have to be selective a little bit as different niches can make you earn different amount of money.Website can be made simple by buying hosting, a domain name,install wordpress, customize the look of website and it’s done. (Detailed articles about how to make a wordpress website are in our technology section)

2-Apply For Google Adsense Account

Next step is to apply for Google adsense account. For this you simply have to google adsense website and fill the signup form but there are certain things that have to be kept in mind before applying for adsense. First thing your website should have at least 20 plus articles that has be totally your own. Website that has content copied from other sources are simply banned as Google’s algorithm is quite strong.

So do not think about messing with google.Once you have all these things done you are set to apply for google adsense. They will review your website in about one day and let you whether it’s in accordance with Google’s policies or not.

3-Place Advertisements

Once Adsense has given you the green signal, you are allowed to post ad codes on your website or a blog. Proper ad placement has to be done if you want to earn good amount through adsense. We recommend using responsive as they are good for maintaining good CPC ( Cost Per Click ).

Once all this is done you just have to keep updating your website or a blog and try to engage more and more people to it and catch maximum traffic. Higher the traffic,higher the earnings.

Note: Detailed articles of each and every topic discussed are available in Technology section.


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