Sania Mirza gives a befitting reply to these Indians for calling her non-Indian


Recently,there has been an incident of rape-murder of an eight year old girl in India.The story of this incident was shared by The New York Times on twitter.Replying to that tweet Sania criticized the system and the people who would not speak for the victim.But the Indians didnot take her criticism constructively and started calling her non-Indian.

She was met hatred on her tweet.Indians started calling her non-Indian and asked her to leave India.Out of all those tweets,this tweet caught her attention and she gave a befitting reply:

“NO LOW LIFE like you will tell me which country I belong to.. I play for India,I am Indian and always will be.. and maybe if u look beyond religion and country one day you may just also stand for humanity!”

Well she deserves a standing ovation for this reply!!


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