The world reacts as Pakistani citizen Sabika Sheikh killed in US shooting !


Muslims are terrorists ! That is what majority of the Americans think. But the bitter fact is that according to the FBI, 94% of terrorist attacks in the US from 1980 to 2006 have been carried out by the non-Muslims. A similar incident occurred in Texas on Friday in which 10 people were killed including the Pakistani teenage exchange student Sabika Sheikh.

17 year old Sabika – a resident of Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal locality was the eldest of three sisters. She had completed her secondary education at Karachi Public School. She was studying in US under the YES scholarship program since August, 2017.

“It is still so very hard to believe that [Sabika is dead],” her father told the media in front of their residence as relatives started to gather for condolences. “Sabika was going to come home on June 9.” His brother said that she promised to be with him this Eid.

The news of her death outraged social media, people expressed their emotions and were pretty disturbed.

Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi who serves as Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nations, expressed her emotions on the tragic incident.

Pakistanis were devastated by the incident, Everyone expressed their condolences for the young matyred.

US citizens also reacted on the death of the 17 year old.

Sabika’s younger brother, Ali Aziz, said that she talked to him two days before the incident. “She asked me to decorate her room and promised we would spend Eid together, but all of a sudden everything changed.” About Sabika’s achievements, her uncle Abdul Basit said she was among 6,000 students who received the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study fellowship. “This shows how intelligent she was.”

The funeral prayers for Sabika Sheikh were held today (Sunday) after Namaz-e-Zuhr, in a local mosque. May Allah grant her the higher ranks in Jannah !




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