Pakistani celebrities also break their silence on Shafi’s allegations


Recently,singer turned actor Meesha Shafi took to twitter to accuse Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.Her allegations have created a lot of hype among the people.This is the first time in Pakistan that a celebrity is accused of sexual harassment by a celebrity on national level.

Although Ali Zafar has denied these allegations but people continue to speak of this issue.People are even picking sides.Some are backing Meesha while some are supporting Zafar’s claims.Pakistani celebrities have also taken their stance over this issue.

Mahira Khan tweeted:

The sick mentality of those commenting on an issue as serious as sexual harassment as casually as they are just shows where the root of this problem exists – in our minds. We will continue to breed harassers for as long as we continue to desensitise this issue.

whereas Ayesha Omer praising Meesha Shafi on Geo news’ talk show ‘Lekin’ said:

I hope I’m as brave as Meesha Shafi one day.The thing is that it’s when people like Meesha come forward, that other people draw the strength to tell their stories.

When she was asked about Ali Zafar,she responded:

Ali Zafar’s one of the biggest actors in our industry, I’ve known him since childhood, he’s a friend of mine, but that doesn’t mean anything. If there is no proof, Ali has a right to deny anything. i would do the same. But that doesn’t mean we can doubt the honesty or intentions of the accuser.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also took to twitter to address this issue:

Random thought: With this entire MeToo global epidemic on the rise, I am beginning to realise that ISLAM was right all along when it ordains gap between the 2 genders. So called modernism has brought us to a point where the line between flirting & harassment is insanely blurred.


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