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Mehndi also called as henna in some countries is used often by women to draw patterns on their hands and body.

This post contains compilation of latest mehndi designs. Furthermore a bit of detail of mehndi items is also given.


Alright beginning with our mehndi designs.All of these mehndi designs are easy to make. They also include some of arabic mehndi designs and significant number of bridal mehndi designs.

mehndi designsOur first mehndi design is on your right.Just look at the minor work done in this design. This requires a great deal of dedication and focus. This isn’t that difficult but is definitely artistic. Mehndi designs of 2018 are mostly simple and elegant.Unlike mehndi designs of early days , today’s designs focus on simplicity. This mehndi design is complete representation of mehndi culture in west.


Moving on towards our next mehndi design. This is one of the latest mehndi  designs but a very simple one. It is actually quiet easy mehndi design and can be made with a bit of focus. You have to take care of minor details to make this design look outstanding.

I know you like this one a lot. This design deserves mehndi designsto be liked. Just look at those circles and how they combine at one point. Simply stunning. You know different thing about this  design is that it is very easy mehndi design.

Key features of this design include net structure on fingers and bracelet structure on wrist.

A leaf structure is attached to bracelet that adds more beauty to it.

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Alright, now adding some bridal mehndi designs. Bridal mehndi designs in the past were quite complicated to make. Designs were good buteasy mehndi designs they also required some highly talented mehndi artists. In today’s era even the bridal mehndi designs are simple and elegant. Just like the one you are looking at right now.

You just need a good mehndi kit to make this  mehndi designs. As the only thing that makes it awesome is the  minute work done. Do try it.

This is one of the most simplest bridal mehndi designs and is quite easy to make as well. A bit care is to be done to make this one as it require minute amount of work.

Adding another design to our list of bridal mehndi designs. This one is a bit mehndi designsdifferent from other designs. Details that this bridal mehndi design has are not there in other designs. This isn’t that difficult too and can be made by using a good henna kit.

Key feature of this art work is :

  • Chain structure
  • Crown shape made at the start
  • Leaf designs through out
  • Continuous leaf structure till hand
  • Different design shapes on hands
  • Leaf structure extending till middle figure

So this is all about this simple artistic design.


You must be looking some latest mehndi designs. So I decidedmehndi designs to add some designs particularly from 2018. Key feature of today’s designs is that complicated  work is discouraged by mass. Ladies are rejected difficult ones and are trying easy mehndi designs.

One on your right completely describes what I just mentioned. Simple ornamental work done. A marvelous rendition of art. I will highly recommend you to try this one if you are looking for easy designs.

There is nothing difficult in this design and you surely won’t need to hire some one.

I surely do not need to praise this one as thismehndi designs speaks for itself. Who thought that circular work can be used to make such a charming piece. Highly recommended to try in normal days and not a bridal event.

This artwork is a bit difficult to make but it is a masterpiece.

What’s special about this one is that it shows remarkable exposure of circulars. You know when you leave a bit of space untouched it  make the design more beautiful.


Do not worry about mehndi images any more as I am going to share loads of them in this article.I have tried to cover different kinds of designs for you people and I hope you pick your favorite one.

Alright, now moving on towards our next mehndi image. This onemehndi designs is a great combination of old and new concept of mehndi designs. It isn’t that difficult to make and at the same time looks remarkable. As I mentioned earlier that it is good to leave some space untouched and it has that feature.

It has circular ornamental work in the middle of hand and a bit of empty space.


Sharing some particular mehndi designs for hands. I’ll try to diversify this category as well.Trust me I have done a lot of work to bring latest andmehndi designs for hands best designs you can find on internet. Beginning with this mehndi design for hands.

This one as you can see is no doubt a stunning piece.Very simple and quite artistic.

Thing it has the same features as I discussed earlier:

  • Circular work in mid
  • Bit of empty space
  • Combo of light and heavy work

And yes it is very simple to make as well. It will be a bit hard doing armwork.


Now sharing some simple and easy mehndi designs for hands. Although I have tried to share some very simple designs but now I’ll particularlyeasy mehndi design share simplest ones. Have a look at this one first.

This one of the simplest on internet. If you have started making mehndi designs recently , even then you can make this one.

It has a lot of empty space in the center and light work on fingers.

You just have to make a necklace structure on wrist.Finally,leaf like structure on fingers and design is done.


In this category you will have a look at latest mehndi designs and the same time easy to make. Mentioning again that I easy mehndi designshope that through this post you find you favorite easy mehndi designs.

This is one of the latest and most easy mehndi designs. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that you just have to grab mehndi kit,start drawing and you’ll end up making this design.

You can see that major portion of hand is left untouched. Minor work is done on fingers and a bit of work on wrist till central hand.

Do go for this one.

Sharing another easy mehndi design with you people. easy mehndi designsThis is one is simplest to make and quite elegant to look.  This one is combo. I have tried to share two designs with you people in one picture.

On the right side you can see mehndi pattern on hand. While you can see an easy mehndi design on arm on the  left side.

Both are quite easy and do not demand huge amount of work.


Mehndi has taken over the world in past few years. While I thought that mehndi trend is declining I came to know that more and more number of people are searching for designs.This wast the time when I came to

mehndi designs

know mehndi trend is increasing and not decreasing.

Bringing another lovely artistic mehndi design for you people.

Mehndi designs were famous in east and some Arabian countries. But with the passage of time it has reached western world as well.


Adding some best of the  best bridal mehndi designs in the queue. Mehndi is used on certain occasions normally and wedding is one of them. Mehndi and wedding have kinda eternal relation.easy mehndi design images I have never seen a bride of east with no mehndi on hands at least on her wedding.

This bridal mehndi design is quite simple.

Just a circular flower at center and a bit of work on fingers. Main thing that makes a marvelous design is the  beautiful flower at the center.

Certainly mehndi artit has used great mehndi kit for this design.Try this if you love simplicity.


Bridal work is normally a heavy one so I am sharing this a bit heavy design with you people. This can be made too but you need a goodmehndi designs artist to have this one. But one thing is for sure, you are going to look lit if you have this one on your wedding.

This design is combination of many sub designs. You can see net structure on arms while circular on on hand. At the same time you can see different patters on fingers.

At the start of the arm you can see round bracelet work done that suits.

mehndi designsNow this is something really difficult to make but a marvelous one.You can see how intact the whole structure is.

From start to the end it looks like a one piece. No break at any point and a proper continuous structure.

It has multiple different patterns that combine to make a eye catching art piece.

This do requires a trained mehndi artist so start looking or one if you want this design on your wedding.


List of mehndi designs is not going to end here. mehndi designs for handsI’ll share some more  mehndi designs for hands with you people with the hope that you’ll find your favorite one.

Key feature for this design is:

  • A bit of heavy work on arm
  • Untouched hands
  • Bit of work on fingers
  • Continuous work on lady finger

This design is relatively difficult but is quite beautiful.

mehndi designs for handsMoving on towards next mehndi design for hands. The best thing done in this design is the right selection of mehndi kit.

You can see that how beautiful color mehndi has given in this case.

Talking about design, it isn’t that difficult to make and is very beautiful.

Different thing about this design is that it contains full color of finger tips instead of different pattern. This feature is a bit different as compared to other designs. Actually this design was quite famous in the past.With passage of time people went for different designs. This design is combination of old and new concept of mehndi.


Now sharing  some easy mehndi designs with you all. mehndi designsIf I had to share heavy mehndi designs it would take me hours. But I found light ones very soon as they are common these days.

You must be thinking that this one is a bit difficult. Actually this isn’t the case.

In this design you have to use bold mehndi to make this design look beautiful. Other wise it is very easy to make. Most of the pattern is leaf like and there are different patterns on hands.

easy mehndi designsAdding another one to list of easy mehndi designs. This one can be called as easy bridal mehnd design. This one is relatively easy bridal design as compare to others.

Fortunately mehndi color came right on the hands , making design quite beautiful.

Thing to note is that there are different patterns on hands. One hand has relatively heavy work while the one one has relatively light work. easy mehndi designsNo doubt this one is a marvelous artistic piece.

In this design you just have to draw circular pattern in the  center of hand and join it with leaves. Talking particularly about fingers, fingers have net-work done on them with minor droplets made at  the end.

At the wrist you can see bracelet structure that makes combo complete.
Definitely try this one as it is not only easy to make but at the same time it looks incredible. Best for the normal days. If you try this design on bridal events than I am afraid you won’t look that good. As this is one of the most easiest ones on internet.


You are wrong if you think that mehndi images are over. mehndi imagesTighten your belts as I am going to share a lot of more. Quickly moving on to next one. This one is different from all others that I have shared up till now. You can see multiple patterns in this one.It has circular work done in the  middle part of hand and has leaf structures attached to it.

Flower work and net-work is done on fingers and crown work can be seen on wrist. As I said it is combination of multiple mehndi patterns and they all combine to form one unit. I hope this mehndi image clears everything.mehndi design

Sharing another mehndi image with you.This design is relatively different as compared to other designs. In other design you might have noticed that there were circular touch in almost every design. But in this one scenario is a bit different. This whole design is based on leaf theme. You can leaves and flowers everywhere in this design. This starts from a flower at wrist and extends till fingers with leaf structure.


Adding more mehndi images and relatively easy mehndi designs.mehndi designs Mehndi designs are no doubt lovely to see but some are very difficult to make. But I tried to share those who are relatively easy and beautiful at the same time.

Key features of this include a lot of empty place and a good combination of floral and ornamental work. Mehndi designs in west are quite simple and this one is from their as well. easy mehndi designsYou can make this design with ease and you just need a kit.

Sharing more easy mehndi designs with you people. You must be thinking that this one isn’t easy but actually it  is.You can see circular structure in between and floral work surrounding it. Talking about fingers, they have net structure along with floral work. You just need to keep few points in mind while making this one and you will end up making a masterpiece. Don’t worry.


Now going back to the list of easy mehndi designs. mehndi designsMehndi designs in the west are quite easy so i’ll add some of them here for you people. Easy and elegant at the same time. Key features of this design include circular work i center with touch of ornamental work. You can see touching  of ancient work in this design.Fingers have relatively different pattern. You can see a structure like the  place with some bulbs. Moving on towards wrist. mehndi imagesWrist has simple necklace work done.

Adding another mehndi designs for you people. Trust me after this work and compilation of easy mehndi designs,bridal mehndi designs,mehndi designs for hands and many others, I truly hope that you pick any one of these and try for yourself.This design has net structure with ornamental touchings. Most beautiful thing about this design is proper empty spaces. Designer realized where to skip place. Fingers  have traditional and famous net structure that really makes this design a complete one.Minor works of flower design at the end of net structure adds more beauty to this design.I really recommend that you try this one as this isn’t that difficult. mehndi designsSpecially ladies with fair tone should go for this design. I hope you buy a good mehndi kit for this one.


A gift from west for you people. This mehndi design is typically from west. You can see that in this design there are multiple patterns.On the right arm pattern is different and on the left pattern is different. This is a bit difficult but can be made with a good mehndi artist. Black mehndi color should be picked for thsi design.Fingers also demand minute work and a bit of empty spaces.This design is good to go. Just follow instructions that I mentioned.

Mehndi designs require huge amount of focus to make. The moment you lose your focus you’ll make mistake that you surely are going to regret later on. mehndi designs for handsIf you are making someone else’s design than probably you will end up in trouble.

This design on your right is actually a cute one. It doesn’t demand a lot of work and is elegant as well.This best for ladies with fair tone and a bit of healthy designs. This is one of the most  easiest mehndi designs for hands. Best thing about this design is net structure on wrist and crown structure attached to it.


Time for bridal designs particularly from 2018. Mentioning again that I am sharing these designs with the hope that you will find your favorite one from these. bridal mehndi designsBridal designs in 2018 are totally different from past. My personal favorite bridal mehndi design. This design looks like a sticker rather than hand made. But it’s actually hand made. Thing is that black henna is used in this design and not the brown one. Different design done with different mehndi kit.This surely requires a great henna artist. Hire one and be ready to look sizzling. Just look at the web structure, how realistic it is.

mehndi designsBridal mehndi designs have changed a lot in recent years. This one as you can see is one of the latest designs in the market. This one is difficult too. Actually most of the  bridal designs are difficult and I think they should be difficult as they are mean’t for an event that normally comes once in a life time. So why not try something heavy and lit. This one is surely a bridal piece and a remarkable one.

Now moving on towards concluding the article.I’ll share few more mehndi designs with you people with the hope that you finally end up picking one. At the end I am going to share mix mehndi designs. With mix I mean that they,ll be bridal,western,floral and mehndi designs for hands and foot.


Sharing first one with you people. As I said that I’ll share random mehndi designs with you people now.mehndi designs First one is meant for hands. Most of the mehndi designs that I shared previously had circular work in the center but this one is different and has kinda rectangular work in the  center. It’s more like a diamond in the center. Most of the place is untouched and fingers have a unique pattern. Pattern on each finger combines to make a greater pattern. Lady finger and thumb have different pattern while three fingers have a similar pattern.
mehndi designs for hands
mehndi designs for hands

Moving on towards conclusion as I mentioned earlier. These are some difficult designs for you. Previously I shared a bit easy designs for you people but at the end I wanted to share some difficult ones so that you find a challenge for yourself. These designs are difficult but at the same time they are one of the most beautiful ones in the market. Definitely go for them. Consider it a challenge. This one is best for bridal events and can be placed in the list of bridal mehndi designs. The very next design you will see is way more beautiful and difficult than this one.

In the design to your right you can see a lot of leaf work done which is remarkable. Different thing about this design is that the design on both hands has similar pattern and looks complete when you join both hands.

No doubt it’s a different theme. Do try this one as well but you need a goo artist for this one as it isn’t that easy. Use a good mehndi kit and hire a proper mehndi artist.Otherwise you will end up spoiling the whole design which you definitely do not want. Goodluck!

With this mehndi design I conclude my article of mehndi designs. I tried covering bridal mehndi designs,easy mehndi designs,mehndi designs for hands and some mix designs. Do share these designs if you liked them.


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