Who doesn’t Maulna Tariq Jameel? But still if you do not know him,here is a brief introduction about him.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a famous muslim preacher who is famous for his heart touching Bayans and preachings. Promoting peace among the muslims, Maulana has won the hearts of many.

Image Source : ALH.com.pk

Recently maulana made a statement on very controversial topic that has been one of the strong cause of disputes among different Islamic Sects , specially Shias ,Wahabis and Deobandis i-e calling Hazrat Ali as Maula Ali .

Deobandi school of thought and Ahl e hadees school of thought are strong opponents of calling Hazrat Ali as “Maula Ali”. Keeping this scenario in mind, it is shocking to know that MTJ , a renowned Deboandi scholar has testified hadeeth that says :

Man kunto maula ho fahaza ali a.s un maula

Allama testified and encouraged his preachers to call Hazrat Ali as Maula Ali while saying that the this is a Sahih Hadeeth and Prophet ( P.B.U.H) Himself has told us to say so. During his speech Allama also noticed that the people listening were in shock and asked them to not be shocked as it is a Sahih hadees and he himself will be calling Hazrat Ali as Maula Ali in future.

It is not sure that how other Deoband scholars are going to respond to this statement by MTJ as it is a strong statement in favor of Shia and Sunni school of thought as they have been following this hadeeth as Sahih hadeeth for centuries.



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