The release of Black Panther, a superhero movie about an African-American character, has motivated Marvel to make superhero movies based on different cultures across the world. Black Panther proved to be a great success for Marvel.

Now, Marvel is all set to launch a super-hero movie based on a Pakistani-Muslim female superhero Ms Marvel. The name of the female superhero Ms marvel is Kamala Khan portraying Pakistani Muslim woman. It is expected to be a revolutionary character as no major Hollywood film before has been made with the main character being a Pakistani.

The movie is expected to hit the cinemas in 2019. However, who will play this role is yet to be confirmed.

But rumors are there of Priyanka Chopra being the preferred choice. The actress has already lent her voice to Ms Marvel’s alter in a video game.

Well Priyanka’s fans are going wild over these rumors:



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