Second wife is something not very common in our society but is allowed in Islam.Despite this allowance some people don’t appreciate and even consider it as taboo. “Dekho iss ne dusri shadi kar li” , “Pehli biwi k hotey hue bhi dusria le aya” and some even say ” Iss ka to kaam hi bus shadian karna hai”. 

Internet went wild when images of second wife of Iqrar Ul Hassan were leaked. For those of you who do not know Iqrar Ul Hassan,Iqrar is famous anchor person/host who has been hosting highly rated TV show,Sar e Aam.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s second wife

People all around the world specially from Pakistan criticized Iqrar for hiding his marriage from the people and some even got personal with Iqrar criticizing him directly on Twitter. Realizing everything, Iqrar Ul Hassan finally came forward with his point of view and humbly gave a shut up call to everyone.

Iqrar released his video statement and cleared all the points,have a look:

Iqrar also critized one of the famous social networks of Pakistan, for spreding misinformation and personally targeting him with malign information.Have a look:



Maybe in 21st century Pakistanis should realize that interference in other people’s personal life is something that should not be done and whether a person marries twice or thrice that should not be a problem or topic of discussion for the people whether it’s Imran Khan or Iqrar Ul Hassan.


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