The lowering of flags ceremony is a daily practice performed at Wagah Border daily before sunset.This tradition is being followed since 1959.People from both countries gather there in large numbers to witness this parade.

Recently,Pakistani team visited Wagah Border this weekend to attend the parade ahead England-Ireland tour to get motivation.The skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed while addressing the media said:

“We are going on an important tour. When you go there (Wagah), you get motivation when you see the parade. That is why we decided to go there,” 

But an interesting incident happened there at Wagah when Hassan Ali went onto make his signature wicket-taking move.

Pakistanis enjoyed it a lot but it has not been well received at the Indian side as they are protesting.BSF Inspector has said quite clearly:

“The act has hit the sanctity of the parade. We will lodge a protest with Pakistan Rangers,” 

In all this scenario,how can Indian Media spare this kind of opportunity to attack Pakistan.Indian Media went mad as soon as this video went viral.All of The Indian Media is calling it a shamefull act.





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