Here is a list of top companies in USA which offer car insurance online


One of the most exciting things for teenagers is when they learn to drive. Driving for the first time is a kind of experience a person remembers. Everybody, when they come of age, they are eager to learn how to drive a car.

Well, driving along with being an exciting experience can be dangerous too. Even very well-trained drivers somehow manage to suffer horrible accidents. The matter of fact is that possibilities of facing an accident can never be completely eradicated but they can be minimized so can be their consequences. Even though the life of the driver is always preferred but one is also emotionally attached to his/her car.

Well, this is not a problem when you have a car insurance and that too from one of the top companies offering car insurance online.

The auto insurance market in the U.S. is dominated by a few key players. In fact, the top ten auto insurance companies control more than 70% of the market. While the top ten insurance companies underwrite a large number of policies, they have very distinct characteristics.

Here is a list of top companies in USA that offer car insurance online:

   1. State Farm

Premiums Written($bn): $41.8

Market Share: 18%



Premiums Written($bn): $29.6

Market Share: 13%

3. Progressive


Premiums Written($bn): $22.8

Market Share: 10%

4. Allstate


Premiums Written($bn): $21.4

Market Share: 9%




Premiums Written($bn): $13.2

Market Share: 6%









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