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Henna designs are getting famous and famous day by day. People are facing problems in finding great and new henna designs. Even if people succeed in finding some designs, they could not find any appealing piece of design. But do not worry!

Are you looking for some classy henna designs or henna tattoo?Or where to buy henna kit and henna powder ? Or you just want to know the prices of henna kit and henna powder ?If yes, then you are at the  right place.

Lets divide the article into two parts

  • 1st Part will cover – Henna Kit and Henna Products
  • 2nd part will cover – Best henna designs for hands and body / Henna art
You can scroll down directly to just see henna designs and henna tattoo.

In this post I will share some best henna designs and also the list of henna kit and other items. Before sharing henna designs, here’s the list of henna items to buy.

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Alright, so I hope that after watching this table yourhenna ink problem about where to buy henna kit is finally solved. These henna items include vast variety of marvelous pieces. You can buy kits having multiple cones,paste,adhesives and many more.

Huge number of people are searching for natural henna powder for hair or natural henna hair dye as well. I tried to cover that topic as well and for that I added some henna powder and hair dye items as well.


henna designs
Marvelous henna work done on back.

Henna is also called as mehndi around the globe.Word henna is frequently used in European and American countries while it is called as mehndi in the Asian origin. Both are the same thing.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I call henna/mehndi as jewelry for women. Whether it’s wedding or a joyous event of life , henna is a must do thing for ladies. And why shouldn’t they ? When it actually makes them more beautiful.

I know you people are tired of same old henna designs and are now looking for some new ones. Also you can find natural henna powder for hair and natural henna hair dye by clicking button.


henna designs for hands

Starting off with this simple and elegant henna design for hands. Simple floral henna patterns throughout the arm and extending till the hand. Minor floral touches to the  finger tips and a bit of heavy work done on the first finger.

This design is the best combination and adjustment of heavy and light henna patterns. Do you want to buy henna kit that can make such patterns ?

Buy  Kit


henna designs

Now have a look at this henna tattoo one ladies and gentlemen. A crown like ending and starting point with a touch of an ancient building.

Minor working on the finger tips. Point to be noted is that in this henna design

  • Thumb is untouched 
  • Net like structure on the arm

This is a must try henna tattoo if you want to shock your husband or whosoever. You can use henna powder.



One of my favorites henna tattoo to be honest. Like who would have thought that henna patterns can be made by combing moon art as well. This surely is a masterpiece and best for those ladies who like simple artwork and not so loaded henna work. This can be made by henna powder.

Key features of this design is heavy work at the endings and light work in the middle. And of course gorgeous addition of moon at the endings and midpoint.

henna designs for hands


Time to show you people some great light mehndi artworks and then I’ll move on towards so deep henna designs.

First light henna design is this one. Have a look for yourself first.

Do try this henna design and stun others around.

henna designs



Key features of this henna tattoo design :

  • Floral artwork on mid-finger
  • Ornamental work on side fingers

This design will suite you in normal days event and not on a wedding. As light artworks and specially to this extent do not suite on a event such as wedding. Well after all it’s up to you whether you like it or not.


Alright now presenting you some special henna tattoo designs that are particularly for bridal events. If you are getting married soon and looking for some henna designs for body , say no more. Here is the best of the best designs. Have a look at the first one.

henna designs for body

Look at the beads like work  done around shoulders and necklace work done around neck. Truly marvelous. No doubt this is one of the masterpiece but it’s difficult to find a person who can make such a design on your body without ruining.


Lets move on towards next henna tattoo designs.


henna body designs

Another elegant and simple body henna design for ladies. This will suit ladies who wear dresses with back uncovered and particularly for bridal events.


You might be thinking that henna designs might end one day. Or the trend of henna tattoos is decreasing worldwide. But contradictory to it, henna designs and trend henna is increasing worldwide. Previously it was confined to only sub-continent and was famous among some other Asian countries as well.

In recent years there has a been a rise in trends of henna worldwide. More and more ladies from west are jumping into the  world henna and mehndi. This is the reason that henna designs won’t come to an end. Use a good henna kit for this one.

Here is another one.

Buy Kit for this design

henna tattoos

This design includes beads work and circular formation around the neck. It extends to shoulders and is also a great choice for bridal events.

This henna design can be made by two means:

  • Using cone kit
  • Using henna powder

Link of both products are given above.


Key feature of bridal henna designs is that it contains tons of work. With tons of work I mean that henna designs usually made for bridal purposes are loaded with designs. Combination of minute designs that meet up to make a major design is done on brides.

henna designs Moving on towards our next henna bridal design.


Henna is not confined to hands only. In the past you can say that henna was only focussed on hands and arms but in recent years a trend has started to do henna work on feet and legs as well. So here are some images that represent henna foot designs.

henna foot designs

Now look at this design. Simple leaf work done on legs , giving a minor touch of zip like structure. A good henna kit is actually needed to make such a unique design. A stunning combination of light and heavy work right in front of you. Another key feature of this design is the leaf work done on fingers aswell.

Buy Latest Kit

henna foot designs

If you didn’t like the upper design , then surey you are going to like this one. Circular work done through out the leg.

Talking particularly about feet , they are given shoe design with ornamental work done on fingers.

Another thing to be noted is that two different colors are used in this design.


Now sharing my personal favorite  henna foot design. If you still didn’t like any henna design , then surely you will like this one. That is actually for sure. Have a look.henna designs

Simply Wow ! Incredible design for ladies with fair skin and a bit of healthy legs.

This design covers both sides of legs i-e front and back and chain structure revolves around legs.

Thing to notice here is that this design will suit a lot for a particular design of foot wear.

I am referring to one that only covers some part of feet and not the whole foot. If  you are buying a full covering shoe with this henna foot design, then surely you will spoil the look.

Use henna cones for this design.




henna foot designs

Same leaf work done through out the legs and zip formation given at the end.

Key feature of this designs is the combination of leaf structure, circular structure and zip structure. You need a good henna kit for it.

A different design comparative to others and is good for those who like light henna designs and not the heavy ones.

At the end it’s all up to you which one to select.


Time for some latest designs in the henna world. You must be thinking about some henna designsdesigns particularly from this year and for this year. Furthermore , you will also see links for new henna designs kit as well.

First done henna design from 2018 is the one on right.

New trend for 2018 is the use of more henna for some spots. This is done to make them more bold and prominent.

Definitely beautiful.
Buy / Check Book

henna designs

Is this the one you chose? If yes, then you picked up a marvelous piece of henna designs.

This surely is something very decent and not hard to make as well.

Bracelet structure made around the wrist and leaf structure made on the bracelet.

Net work is done in the middle of fingers and leaving ends untouched

henna designs


2018 henna designs for foot keeps this design on the top. If you look at the precious henna designs for hand that we featured in 2018, you will find similarity in these two.

Both of them have leaf structures that are attached with a bracelet structure.

A bit difficult to make but do give it a try as it is a masterpiece. Also good things don’t come easy.



henna designsIsn’t it stunning ? I know my comments do not matter on this one but it is actually stunning.

Typical 2018 stuff. You know a different thing about 2018 henna designs is that ladies seem to leave behind the trend of extra work of henna.

You can use cone or henna powder for it.

Do have a special henna kit for it.

henna designs for foot


Simple,decent and elegant. This is it. Nothing more can be said for it.

This design can be made with cone or you can make paste of henna powder and then add it into cone and try.

  • Circular work on foot
  • Net work on foot
  • Ornamental work on legs.

Best of the best.
Buy Kit


Come on , you though this was it ? No not at all readers. I have to share some more stunning henna tattoo designs for you. Trust me while searching for henna designs, I literally got confused between some designs that which one is better. So I decided to include them all.

henna designs

You know what is different about henna tattoo designs of 2018? Their unique designs with less amount of work.

This design is complete description of what I just said.

Simple design with floral work in the center and chain structure extending till the middle finger.

Thing to notice about this design is that it demands a bit extra use  of henna cones.

You can see bold points in this design.


Another different thing about henna tattoo designs these days is the use of different patterns on two hands.

Like in this design you can see a different henna pattern on one hand and a different henna pattern on other hand.

Isn’t it different to try ? Yes it is. Do try this one.

Have a look at another one first. I’ll share my views later.


Henna design with leaf patterns are common around the globe for years.

Seems like ladies are using same theme with a different touch.

Such a design is difficult to try with henna powder so I will advise you to use cones.

henna designs


You have seen a lot of henna designs up till now and I hope you liked them. But you have to understand that good henna designs demand good henna kit. I did share list of some henna kit plus henna powder previously in the post.

But if you still want to have something different then just click the button below and you will land into the site where you can find huge variety of henna kit, henna powder and other henna kit items including henna cones.


Where to buy henna kit? Simple press the button below and you will come to know where to get henna  kit.

Henna Kit

All the items are available on reasonable price and are shipped around the globe. You just have  to select the item,check out and just wait for your order. Withing few hours your order will be delivered.


Are you new to the world of henna and want to learn how to make some incredible designs? No problem at all. I am sharing an incredible book of henna designs that will teach you everything from A to Z. Including the use of henna powder on hair.

Henna designs book is quite cheap and easily affordable. Buying procedure is very simple you just have to click the button below and you will reach the site selling it.

Simply select the book and check out. Your item will be shipped real soon and is going to be of great quality.

Buy Book of Designs


Answering your query regarding henna powder for hair plus natural henna hair dye, you can buy through our website. As I discussed earlier that who are searching for where to buy henna kit can buy it directly just by clicking buy button.

I have shared some best henna powder for hair and natural henna hair dye items in this post. Some of them are available in the start of article and also in between the article as well.

Henna ink is also available and procedure for buying that is same for other  henna items.

Good henna designs demands good henna kit and you surely need to try one of our products.


Procedure for applying henna powder to your hair,beard or any other  purpose is quite easy. Just follow these steps and you will efficiently turn henna powder into henna paste:

  • Take a bowl and fill it’s half with henna powder
  • Keep it half or a bit more higher than half as you will have to pour water in it
  • Starting pouring water slowly and keep on mixing it simultaneously
  • Once the powder is completely dissolved stop pouring water
  • Henna powder paste should be a thick and must not contain much water
henna powder for natural hair dye
Henna powder for natural hair dye

After following all these steps your henna powder paste for natural hair dye will look like this.

If it doesn’t look like this then probably you either poured more water or less.

Do not worry that can be solved by adding more henna powder in case of thin paste. Similarly , add more water in case of thin paste formation.

For further details contact us directly and we will respond to you soon.


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