Well well well ! If you know nothing about all the fuss and gossips about this  “cold war” between Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai, you are probably missing a great deal.

It all started when the emerging Pakistani youtuber Ducky Bhai started mocking and roasting the overseas Pakistani youtuber Sham Idrees in his videos. Sham Idrees was really offended by that roasting video and as a result he made Facebook to delete his official page which had almost 2.5 lacs likes.


Then what, videos after videos were made by Ducky Bhai in which he started taunting Sham Idrees and his soulmate Froggy. Recently in a 20 minutes video Ducky Bhai mocked Sham Idrees and Froggy for making a fool of their viewers and Pakistani citizens.The video got the highest views for his channel and was trending number one in Pakistan.

This video seriously affected their channel and their image in front of the people as most of them started commenting hate on their videos and unsubscribed from their Youtube channels.

Sham Idrees and Froggy made a video as a reply and they had to do so, they tried to clear their stance and ridiculed Ducky Bhai through various claims but he decided not to come slow and on the same day he made a video in reply in which he proved Froggy a liar.

But now both of them perhaps want a happy ending. Yesterday, Ducky Bhai changed his name on twitter from ‘O-Dal**y’ (which was meant to mock Sham Idrees) to Saad Ur Rehman which is by the way his real name.

On the other hand, Sham Idrees in his yesterday vlog told the viewers that he wants all this to end and spread love instead of spreading hate.

And today it actually seemed like it has finally ended as Ducky Bhai uploaded the video in which he decided not to discuss both of them anymore in future. Perhaps it has ended in a sensible way !


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