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Love and affection need to be expressed as well. Having an emotion for someone and not being able to express is a problem for many. Do not worry! as we bring you the best collection of love shayari that will help you in expressing your feelings to your loved ones. Express your emotions for your loved one by readingĀ  our marvelous and heart touching collection of shayari images that mostly focuses on love shayari. Shayari helps you express not only love but also other feelings that include regrets , sorrow , happiness , vision and many more.We have separate pages for each and every thing mentioned above and include many more. There is a collection of poetic pieces by Jaun Elia , Mohsin Naqvi , Ahmed Faraz ,Allama Iqbal ,Mirza Ghalib , Mir Taqi Mir etc. Visit our separate literary section Adab Waley that is a parent category to all the sub-categories mentioned above. Adab Waley is our effort to promote Urdu Literature and includes shayari photo that has urdu poetry written on it.