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Jaun Elia is a famous Urdu poet who is known for his out of the box thinking and making readers visualize what he sees and observes. Readers can find mind boggling details of life,world,God,emotions and death through reading jaun elia poetry.Born in Amroha,India he wrote his verse at the age of eight and to this day six books of jaun elia have been published and many more material written by him is yet to be published.It is totally because of his caliber that today people debate of him being on the level of Mirza Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir. Adab Waley is an initiative of Newzyta to promote Urdu literature among young generation and let the people know about Urdu literature giants and he is one of the pillars of urdu literature.In our separate section for jaun elia you can read his most famous poetic pieces that include his famous poems,ghazals,qat'aat,two line poetry and many more. There is a brief introduction about john elia and the number of poetic pieces of him in our Adab Waley section keeps on adding every single day. Readers can also give their feedback about this separate  page for jon's poetry and all their recommendations will be considered by active team of Newzyta.