Famous Bollywood actor claims that his upcoming movie is not Anti-Pakistan !


From Bhajrangi Bhaijaan to Phantom, bollywood has released many such films in which Pakistan was their main theme. Another such movie trailer has been released which pays tribute to their countrymen who powered them with nuclear strength.

Bollywood actor John Abraham in his upcoming movie “Parmanu” has played the role of an army officer who is devoted to his homeland. The film revolves around the story of 1990’s when India became an atomic power.

Parmanu- The story of Pokhran is a tribute to Indian army officers and scientists but will it be against Pakistan like Phantom ? or will it spread love among the two countries like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan ? Well it is a mystery, but John Abraham recently tweeted in which he also displayed a link to the movie trailer;

John claims that this movie is not against Pakistan and also it is not meant to degrade their army or citizens but still we have to wait. The trailer is out but the movie will make us wait to reveal us the actual story. And Yes ! it will release all across Pakistan.


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