Bill Gates or Baba Bill Gates ?


You all must have heard about Bill Gates; the founder of Microsoft, the richest man in the world whose net worth is about 92.3 billion USD, who revolutionized the whole world through his great mind and innovation. Everyone knows him, isn’t it? So let us not talk about him anymore.


Introducing you to the man who is making people laugh through his humor and funny tweets. In this world of chaos and tensions, making a person smile is a great virtue and he is making thousands smile each day. The great Baba Bill Gates 😉

Actually its an emerging, humorous and entertaining Facebook page which makes people laugh through his funny memes and funny tweets. Every time we open our Facebook, we see a lot of memes and funny stuff which are somehow related to the national and international happenings. Some trends get converted into memes which are in fact quite funny. And us? the Indians or Pakistanis, we are in fact the boss in this field.

Coming to this page, it is actually quite entertaining as the admin tweets about the miseries or funny encounters in our daily routine. From student life to office routine, trending in Pakistan to trending in India, girls and girlfriends, boys and boyfriends, students to teachers; the tweets are made on each category which really makes people smile and giggle 🙂

So if you want to smile each day, we would encourage you to follow this page on Facebook. Here’s the link to our famous Baba Bill Gates.


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