Bahria Town Housing Society owned by Malik Riaz Hussain is well known all over Pakistan. It is the largest real estate development company in Asia and is spread in major cities of Pakistan including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore and currently Bahria Town Karachi is their latest project.

Bahria Town has been under severe controversies in the past and is referred to as a symbol of inequality, blamed for illegal encroachment of forests and unholy alliance with military. In April 2017, the case was registered against the real estate company with respect to Bahria Town/ARY stage collapse incident in which scores of people were injured and one woman lost her life. Bahria Town’s security was exposed when a girl was kidnapped in front of her family. Their parents told that incident took place at their residence in Bahria Town Islamabad and after the kidnapping, the security team followed the kidnappers but failed to trace them.

Recently, another incident occurred in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. The cross firing between two groups in Phase 8 was witnessed by the citizens and workers of Bahria Town. The firing incident occurred in the first week of April but the reasons are not exactly known. People claim that it occurred due to land grabbing issues and it might be right, as we all know about the land mafia in Rawalpindi.


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 Bahria Town security failed to control the incident and did it not get reported because of Corporate Interests? Such scenes in Bahria Town housing society are alarming as the housing society is well known for its maintenance and management. The residents always applaud the environment which is provided by the housing society but this incident has really made them think otherwise.


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