Child molestation and rape cases are on a rise world wide raising questions on humanity. Recently two major such incidents happened in Pakistan and India as Zainab was raped in Pakistan and Asifa being raped in India few days back.

Asifa was raped by a group of people who killed her after mercilessly raping her. Utter shame for humanity rose when some people even started searching for rape video on porn sites. Pornhub one of the biggest porn sites in the world shows “Asifa” as top searched trend in India which has dropped down the eyes of basic humanity.

Image Source : Scoopwhoop

May be now we should focus on gaining of moral values rather then gaining money or wealth.Because in somewhere between education, wealth and modernization we have lost our very basic human values that are beyond every religion but are in every religion. Concluding with prayers forĀ  the child.


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