After Pakistan,Bollywood is ready to pay a tribute to probably the most controversial writer of Pakistan


Saadat Hassan Manto,a prolific author who was born in 1912,lived a short life of 43 years.His provocative stories got him in trouble various times.He was charged with obscenity six times in India and Pakistan.However,the validity of these charges is debatable because people have different opinions about the stories wriiten by Manto.

Despite everything,Manto is considered to be a great writer of his time.That is why there have been many biographies about him.Recently,Pakistan film industry paid a tribute to him through his biopic.

After Pakistan,Bollywood is all set to make a biopic on Saadat Hasan Manto.The leading actor of this biopic will be Nawazuddin Sidduque who will be playing the role of Manto.He was quite eager to share the first look of his biopic on twitter.

This movie is directed by the actor turned director Nandita Das.The role of Manto’s wife is played by Rasika Duggal.This movie focuses on the time of India-pakistan partition.


In an interview, the director of this film said that ‘Manto’ is neither a big Bollywood film nor a small independent film.While the first look is intriguing,fans await for a teaser to amp up the excitement.



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