Bulgarian ‘Baba Vanga’ who died in 1996 at the age of 85 is well known for her predictions.She predicted many drastic events way earlier.Some of them include 9/11,the rise of ISIS,Brexit and the Tsunami in 2004.

Baba Vanga

One of her major prediction for 2018 is that China would replace America as a Super Power and the facts at the moment are supporting her prediction.

According to the ‘The Sun’ China’s economy in in 1970 was 4.1% of the world where today it has climbed up to 15.6% in 2015 and is still rising.China is very much likely to overtake America since a drop in America’s economy has been observed.

Another prediction for 2018 was that a new form of energy would be discovered from Venus.Though it is not yet confirmed of any country launching a space mission to Venus,however there are some satellites that use gravitational force of the planet but you never know what lies ahead in 2018.

Furthermore,she also has predicted Muslim invasion in Europe. Another of her prediction is that the world will end by 3797 due to man made disasters but somehow humans will be able to escape from it and go to another planet.

Now that’s interesting!


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