10 ridiculous facts you might not know about Pablo Escobar

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Pablo Escobar, in full Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, (born December 1, 1949, Rionegro, Colombia—died December 2, 1993, Medellín), Colombian criminal who, as head of the Medellín cartel, was arguably the world’s most powerful drug trafficker in the 1980s and early ’90s.

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At his peak,he was one of the richest man in the world.Colombia was know by his name at that time.He was quite ambitious from a very young age.He used to say even as a child that he would become President of Colombia one day. Here are 10 interesting facts about the greatest drug lord the world has ever seen:

  1. When his business was at peak,he was responsible for about 80% of the cocaine trafficking worldwide.
  2. Forbes estimated his net worth to be around $30 billion but Escobar’s son disagreed.According to him,this estimation was not even close to his net worth.
  3. He spent about $2500 per month just on the rubber bands used to hold up his cash.
  4. Earning money was not a problem for Escobar rather hiding it was a way bigger problem for him.He had his money stashed everywhere;in furniture,in graves,in grounds.
  5. It is reported that Pablo once burnt about $2 million just to keep his daughter warm during the night.
  6. His entire business generated about $60 million per day which makes more than 20 billion dollars annually.
  7. He bought an island just because his plane which used to bring money to Colombia had to refuel.Later, this island became a paradise for the drug traffickers of Colombia.
  8. Pablo killed about hundreds of people though out his short life including higher authorities of Colombian Government.
  9. At his children’s birthday parties,pinatas were filled with cash instead of candies.
  10. Pablo’s death was considered to be the greatest manhunt of the history.

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